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My name is Len Holgate and I'm a programmer who is currently specialising in server-side C++ on Windows. I worked in investment banking in London for several years before switching to working for clients directly from my office in Guildford, Surrey.

For the past ten years or so I've been building high performance, scalable server systems for clients using The Server Framework, a set of C++ libraries that are available for licensing in source code form and which provide a quick and easy way to build complex server systems.

Whilst building complex multi-threaded clients and servers I developed some tools to help manage locking and that can detect deadlocks before they bite. These can be downloaded from www.lockexplorer.com.

This blog is where I write about C++ development and general technical issues, though in the past it was slightly less focused.

In my spare time I used to write embedded assembly language and was attempting to build a robot from scratch rather than from kits. I was chronicling my journey of discovery over at my l'Hexapod blog, but then my family grew and my spare time dwindled.

When I'm not in front of a computer I like to run, cycle, skate, climb and ski.

If you're interested in me doing some consulting or custom development for you then do get in touch. I'm usually happy to quote a fixed price and I pride myself in delivering bug free systems. Browse my blog for details of how I work and examples of the kind of code I write and if you'd like a more formal CV then simply drop me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn. Whilst I prefer to work from my office on fixed price contracts I'm pretty flexible.

You can contact me at Len.Holgate@JetByte.com and follow me on Twitter

About this Blog

I usually write about C++ development on Windows platforms, but I often ramble on about other less technical stuff...

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