I've been meaning to put up a personal web site for a while now. This is it.

Originally I had the usual 'collection of random rubbish' style of personal web site. This then grew to contain my technical ramblings and details of my consulting business. I decided that this mixture wasnt exactly professional and pulled all of the 'sensible' stuff out into a new web site for my consulting business. The remains of my personal pages were left to ecompose...

After a while I had a collection of bits and pieces that I would normally have sprayed out to the world on my personal web site, but nowhere to put them. My old site was a mess and hard to change due to all of the hand crafted navigation links. My new site was for grown up stuff, but nice and easy to change due to the custom developed content management system. I decided I needed somewhere new, but I didnt have the time to set something up.

Time passed...

A lot of my 'spare' time was taken up with our flat conversion and I kept a picture diary of the work in progress.

More time passed...

I discovered blogging, started playing with Movable Type, and decided that it made updating a site easy enough for me to actually do it on a regular basis. So here we are.

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