Final skate lesson

We had our last inline skating lesson tonight. Lots of recap on what we've done before, and lots of practice.
The crossover turns are quite comfortable now in either direction, which is nice, and we did some simple slalom - note to self: buy 6 day-glo cups. We were renting the skates for the duration of the course and today we had to give them back :( This means that we have no skates :( :( Which means, we can't sneak a quick skate in on Saturday morning before we do all the other things we have planned for the weekend :( :( :( Sunday we shop for skates. I'd definitely recommend Citiskate. The guys are great. The setup is good as you can go as a mixed ability group and all get something out of it. I expect we'll go back for another set of lessons once we've practiced. No skates :( :( :( :(

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