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Agile Software Development - Principles, Patterns, and Practices by Robert C. Martin

This book is physically heavier than most of the books I've been reading lately but I'm still carrying it to work even though I only get around 5 mins reading done on the tube during the journey. It's a beautiful book; the typeface and illustractions are stunning, the paper feels rich, the cover is cool and colourful.

The content is pretty good too. Robert Martin knows his stuff and this book seems to pull all of the things that I'm currently interested in together in one place. I'm only just getting into the book, but so far it's great and I'm impressed. I'll report back once I get to the end.


I'm reading this as well but you have the wrong author! :P

You have linked to the Cockburn book which I am currently reading.

Ok, Ok, just checking you were all awake at the back... ;) Now fixed.

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