Twenty Eight


So there are 10 guys on a stag weekend in Amsterdam. Much drinking. Lots of foolish games with very fluid rules and fines for people who did not comply. Many fines were collected. At some point during the drinking games on the first evening, number 28 became significant. It was decided that the money from the fines would go on 28 when we visited the casino the following night...

Fast forward to the bar just before the casino and the collection of fines had reached around 135 euros and we started to lose our bottle. A change of plan, 10 numbers, 10 euros per number, the extra on 28...

So we ended up with around 30 euros on 28, and, of course, it came in.

Much disbelief, much cheering and whooping, and then the quote of the evening: "So, how much would we have won..."

We really didn't want to do that calculation; it would probably have paid for the entire trip, for all of us. Still, the winnings helped to finance the evening and the win gave us a reason to levy a fine on the people who'd suggested the change of plan...

Lesson learned? Make a decision and then stick with it.

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