Netgear MR814v2

Further to my recent wailings about being responsible for family member's PCs... I decided to deal with the internet connection sharing issue at the hardware level... So far the Netgear MR814v2 firewalled, DSL router, WIFI access point seems to rock...

The MR814v2 is a nice piece of kit. It's a DSL router with configurable WAN MAC address; you can make it pretend its the PC you've always been connecting to your cable provider with and neatly sidestep any issues regarding re-registering your MAC address. It has a four port switch to connect your wired PCs and a built in 802.11b wireless access point. By default it firewalls your network from the WAN connection, but it allows port forwarding and a DMZ host if you need it. It can be a DHCP client on the WAN side, register the dynamic IP you get from your ISP with a dynamic DNS system if you want, run as a DHCP server for your LAN and do simple blocking and logging of web sites if you require. All of this in a neat little package with web based configuration (and you can lock it down nicely and configure it remotely if you want).

So, two of these and my family ICS problems go away forever... Fingers crossed...


I hope u are aware of the denial of service attack that netgear routers are doing against University of Wisconsin see

I wasn't, but it's interesting reading. Amazing how something that was probably a well meaning addition to the product can cause such unexpected consequences.

I've installed two of them this week, but I upgraded the firmware to the latest available when I got the things home. What would be a really nice feature would be for the router to do an auto update check with their website and email you if there's new firmware available (it can already email the security logs, so adding this wouldnt be so big a deal).

I expect I'll get a Linksys BEFSX41 to replace my current Smoothwall as it will lower the temperature in the equipment cupboard (or allow me to run the 1U box that's currently the firewall as a server). The BEFSX41 does VPN and a better DMZ than the netgear...

Thanks for the link.

Could anyone help me to figure outmy MR814v2 router? I can not connect to chat or recieve files anymore in icq. If anyone could guide me through it I I would very much appreciate it. Thank You

Really grateful for any help on the Netgear MR814v2, had it 3 months worked fine then this morning nothing coming through. PC says it's connected but I can't even log into the router. What do I do now? I'm a bit of a computer muppet, getting this to work from a PC connecting to 2 macs was a high coup for me, but now I'm lost. All this talk of ISP address, IP address is way over my head...I don't even know my own postcode! Is there some way to reset it?! I've tried everything, every imaginable combination of pluggin in and out, but still can't log onto the router....I know I'm your worst nightmare but please take pity on me...I won't do it again...cheers Nigel


Have you tried the suggestions on this troubleshooting page?

There's probably a 'reset' switch on the unit somewhere but if you press that then you'll have to configure it from scratch again...

I have this Netgear router, and no matter what i have tried theres no way to be able to access it to configure it. I have tried the trouble shoot page to no avail.

The reset button does nothing, when i try to connect to it blinks a little and then it times out.

Is there any other way to access it???? Is it permanently screwed??

Are you hardwired into the router. It took precisely 30 secs to go through the install. Netgear products are great. I have had my router for 4 years now no issues except once when i had to upgrade the firmware

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