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I'm making the compiled version of our Bluetooth server shell available for download here. The source is not available at this time.

The zip contains a simple server that advertises the following Bluetooth profiles: OBEX file transfer, Serial Port, Dial up Networking, LAN Access Server and OBEX object push.

The server requires working Bluetooth hardware that uses the XP SP1 stack. If you don't know what this means then chances are, you don't have it. Take a look at the comments here and here as they contain all the information that I know regarding getting devices to work with the XP stack... If you get a message box telling you the server won't work then that's it, it won't work, move along now.

The implementation behind these services is minimal; we use it for debugging. The OBEX services have a rudimentary OBEX parser behind them. Object push will accept objects correctly and do nothing with the resulting bytes except stream them into the debug log. The file transfer service will present a hard coded folder listing, allow limited navigation amongst folders (all folders contain the same folder listing...) and provide the contents to one of the example files in the folder listing. The OBEX commands and responses are dumped to the debug log.

The non OBEX services do nothing except allow you to browse for them and connect to them. They dump all data received to the debug log. Note that these services also have an OBEX parser behind them (more out of laziness than design) so should they receive valid OBEX commands they might respond...

The server's more a curiosity than anything else but I'm posting it here as several people have asked me about it recently.


I try to run the BT server but I got an error message saying I do not have the XP SP 1 bluetooth support .
I went to COntrol panel (as wriiten in the message) to look for the 'wireless link' I did not find such icon but what I did find is 'Bluetooth Configuration' icon.
From it I saw my dongle prperties it is CSR USB dongle, manefactored by Cambridge Silicon Radio
version 828
Te device status is :'Te selected device is work properly'
so what is the matter on my machine
should I install somthing?
what is the SP1 bluetooth support ?
thakn u

Hi Len,

I'm busy creating a variety of different Bluetooth programs at the moment. Do you know if it's possible to connect to the LAN Access Service offered in the Platform SDK Bluetooh APIs without the need of exchanging passkeys?

I'm trying to connect to the LAP service with my Dell Axim X30 (integrated Bluetooth) and the passkey screen comes up. Not sure if this is something inside Bluetooth Manager (PDA) but I have turned all authentication off. Is there anywhere to set authentication when registering services using WSAQUERYSET. I have looked all over, but information is on this subject is very hard to come by, demonstrated by the popularity of your Bluetooth articles.

Also wondering if you know whether I need to have any remote access services enabled on the server-side for a LAP connection to be established?

Any help is much appreciated.



hi all!
Im trying to connect my computer with my phone which has the bluetooth connectivity. And also i have done a prog that can control a remote controlled toy car through my PC parallel port and its working properly. At this point, im thinking of controlling the car with my phone. ie: for the phone button pressed events, via bluetooth, my PC should be given an interrupt/ notification, then i can handle the interrupts and map the controls to the car.
Please anybody help to resolve this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Len,

Can you send me the code for the server that you made above. I would be grateful if you can do that.

Thanks in advance for the help.


No, sorry. I can sell it to you but that code is not part of the stuff that I give away. Get in touch if you'd like me to send you our terms and conditions and details of pricing.

Hey Len the above article was written in 2004, are you still into bluetooth? If so I would like to offer services offered by a local company here in Toronto( I would like to know if you could please send me more information about your bluetooth software and any suggestions on hardware or any information. and if you have any turnkey solutions I would like information about that also.


Yes. Will drop you an email.

Hi Len, i'm a student working on a bluetooth related project. i'm interested in your bluetooth server code, can u mail me your pricing details for the code and terms/conditions.
Many thanks

Done, but I don't think it's especially student friendly...

Hello Len. I am interested in your code for the working server. Please send me some information about the purchase fee. Do you construct the packet sent to the socket by yourself?

Pricing can be found on The Server Framework site, see here:

You would need at least The Core Framework.

Yes, we build all of the data to send to the socket.

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