Saas Fee in September


Those of you who are interested in the Warren Smith Saas Fee ski training sessions you might like to take a look at Warren's latest DVD, Warren Smith Ski Academy Lesson 2. The first two sections, carving and steeps, were filmed during our course in September 2003. As you can see, the snow was pretty good and, as I said at the time, he had us doing some pretty interesting stuff. I think the freeride and moguls sections are from the course earlier in the year. With the whole group to choose from he had quite a lot of "don't do it like this" footage to exploit; I'm the guy in the carving section with the black helmet who's dropping his inside hand too low during the turn, quite pleased with the angle of both my skis though ;)

We're off again for more of the same this year; but before that, a week in Megeve...

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