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Jacob Nielsen has a list of Top Ten Blog Design Mistakes. Number 5 is "Classic hits are buried" where he suggests that it is useful for readers if you list your most 'important' entries prominently as well as regularly back linking to earlier posts. This sounds like sensible stuff; until you have to work out what your classic entries are from the other 486 not so classic postings...

Anyway, I've had a go at starting a list of some entries that are either a) very popular or b) clearly define my views on software development. The list is available in the archive section of the navigation bar on the front page and it's repeated here so that I can waffle on a little about each of the entries that I've chosen and, more importantly, give you, the reader, somewhere to suggest the addition or removal of entries.

Classic entries

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Thanks to Jeff Atwood for the link to Jacob Nielsen's piece.

Note that the Classic Entries link that's available from the navigation menu below the site logo above contains an updated version of this list.


Nielsen, not Nielson

Fixed. Thanks.

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