I don't think I've ever been disagreed with in Japanese before

The discussion on Assert goes on, this time in Japanese... Google's language tools lead me to believe that they're disagreeing with me. They seem to be pretty shocked that I'd take this stance and appear happier when Noel puts me in my place and returns order to the world. ;) If anyone can come up with a better translation, leave it as a comment please.


LOL! I love the Google translation. Especially when they talk about "the Holdgate person" :-)

Congrats for starting a good discussion though. Sometimes you have to question things that we take for granted. I'm about to write an entry on why I think encapsulation is a bad idea (some of the time), which I suspect will not be popular at all.

>I think encapsulation is a bad idea (some of the
>time), which I suspect will not be popular at all.

"Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men." Douglas Bader

A lot of people have a black and white attitude to programming. For example: encapsulation, OO, goto's, asserts :-), etc.

When it comes to encapsulation, listen to the master



I'm looking forward to your piece on encapsulation.


I agree with Douglas Bader, the problem is knowing which you are at whatever point in time... ;)

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