RSS feeds for Microsoft Knowledge Base articles

This is quite nice, a whole list of finely targetted RSS feeds for Knowledge Base articles for various products.


Bit late... But is it just me or are all these feeds totally empty? I've been subscribed to some of them for months, and nothing... :-(

Even articles listed here haven't appeared...

Here's hoping they kick into life sometime. :-)


I must have just been lucky in the ones I subscribed to. The VS2005, .Net 1.1, .Net 2.0 and XP ones seem reasonably lively (though I havent checked to see that all the KBs are actually being fed...). The VC6 one is dead, but then I kinda expected that...

Hmm something wrong here then! Maybe MSFT don't was /me/ to see their bugs. I've been subscribed to "Windows XP, Most Recent KBs for Microsoft" and "Windows XP Service Pack 2, Most Recent KBs for Microsoft" and have seen nothing...

Ah ha! I think I've found the problem. I just tried opening the RSS links within MSIE and then in Firefox. In the latter there were entries, but in the former they remained empty!!!

Perplexing, until I compared the URLs:

en-gb versus en-us. So somewhere I have that setting and its the cause! I'll edit the URLs in SharpReader for now... Thanks, for prompting me to spot this. :-)



Still, at least you've fixed it!

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