Ah, so that's what it's like to make the front page of digg!


Typical. My usual subject matter isn't interesting enough to get onto digg.com, etc. but a throw-away post about using Ethereal to catch my partner cheating gets on the front page...

Ah well, such is life :) I'll just try and write more interesting technical postings and in the mean time appreciate the kind words, the linky goodness, the traffic spike and correspondingly increased adsense revenue...


All isn't lost. I would never have found your blog without digg, but now I plan on frequenting it. I'm an INTJ as well, and enjoy working with C++ on Win32.


Welcome, hope you find something a little more useful here than just the Ethereal thing.

Thats funny, I am an INTJ as well...masterminds of the world..

So what? I am an ENFP and find a Win32 centric coding blog also very interesting even though I am more in love with Unix!

See? A silver lining already... ;)

Oh dear, the geeks have returned ;)

I came here from Digg, you are now bookmarked :)

even thought I prefer Ubuntu you're writing is still interesting. - also from digg - cheers :-P

On behalf of all diggers I apologize for the idiotic comments. Especially the ones jumping to conclusions about your personal life.



Thanks Dan, you come to expect that kind of thing on the web ;)

I think the comments are pretty par for the course, unfortunately. I'm also a little surprised that we haven't satisfied Goodwin's Law by now...

Out of the 60,000+ visitors that I got yesterday the 150 or so that commented are bound to be the most opinionated and opinionated people have opinions; any many of them are wrong...

Ok, I'll admit I came the way of another blogger and not digg. But I find the overall content interesting, even though C++ on windows was the worst coding experience of my life. ;) While catching up on Userfriendly I ran across this comic from last week that seems oddly appropriate:


I bet that story was made up. Dude you made that story up cause you wanted people to go to your blog so you could get google adsense earnings.

Extra Gum,

I wish it were made up.

Well not from digg, but through www.theregister.co.uk! ;) Neways you are famous Len.

Digg ist quite a good thing. I found this blog with it.

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