What this blog is ACTUALLY about


Given all the publicity that this blog has received recently over my relationship break-up I thought it might be a good idea to give any new visitors a jumping off point into some of the more popular technical pieces. Believe it or not, this blog isn't all about network snooping and infidelity. More often than not it's about C++ on Windows, Test Driven Development and my opinions and whinges about software development issues.

So, here are some of the blog posts that will give you a feel for what this blog is really about.

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Len, although I discovered your blog as a result of your somewhat unfortunate leap into notoriety, I was pleased to discover that you have some interesting technical articles in your archives.

I am glad to hear that you're still programming. I still remember giving you a C test at Interlink all those years ago.

--- Rod


Good to hear from you. The publicity was a pain but it has meant that I've regained contact with several old friends who had fallen off the radar.


I'd like to apologize, I was the one who posted that post you made to digg.com. I guess it was an unfair thing to do.


These things happen. No harm done. I doubt you expected the posting to be quite a popular as it turned out to be...

If I hadn't wanted people to know, I wouldn't have posted it. That said, I never expected quite so many people to read it...

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