I passed!


Well, today I discovered that I had passed the BASI Ski Instructor course that I've been taking in Argentina, so I'm now a Ski Instructor...

We fly back from Bariloche to Buenos Aires on Friday and then onwards to the UK on Saturday; the trip has been great, but i'm looking forward to getting home and getting a decent curry and a bacon sandwich...


Hi Len, I hope you have enjoyed visiting the country I live.

Greetings for being a ski instructor now.

Best regards, Mauro.



Argentina is a great place and the people are all amazingly friendly. It's definitely somewhere that I'd like to visit again both for skiing and more travelling.

Len, you are always welcome. I am been thankful to you because you illuminated me about server scalability.

Best regards,

Doh! Sleep walking through RSS as usual.... Well done! Do I get free lessons?


Congratulations Len, glad to hear that you're getting on with life. If I ever make it to a mountain again I'll ask you for a few pointers.

Best Wishes


Sounds like a pretty cool endless winter.

Congratulations Len! Maybe one day you can teach me to ski ;-)

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