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Continuing last week's theme of being wrong, 'M' pointed out to me in a comment on my posting about changing the memory allocation strategy for the IO buffer allocator that I actually have a bit more work to do... I'd forgotten that VirtualAlloc() allocates in terms of the memory allocation granularity of the operating system.... So, at present, the quick and dirty fix that I posted is allocating buffers in blocks of at least 64k of memory... They are, at least, page aligned ;) Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways, comments like this are one of the main reasons that I blog.

In other news, it seems that the problem that my client was having with driving his server's sends off of the write completion of previous sends might be down to a dodgy NIC driver... The problem goes away if he changes network cards...


hi, how can i get source code for licensed version of the server framework ?

Send me an email and I'll tell you how much it costs to license it and let you know about payment details etc.

i had mail to you.

In which case I replied to your email when I checked my mail on Monday, probably shortly after replying to your original comment...

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