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This morning a spammer somewhere seems to have used my main email address as the return address on a whole bunch of random spam that has been sent out from all over the place. As such I have around 3000 undeliverable mail responses flowing into my in box. No doubt this will now have knock on effects with ISPs who use DNSLB type systems as my domain is being used by spammers again.

What's the best way of dealing with this kind of problem?


A bit late now, but get a google account.

When signing up for online accounts, posting stuff, etc., modify your gmail account using additions.
Example: If I was signing up for a company I didn't trust with my personal info you can have email.address+sourceofdistrust@gmailDOTcom. Then when the S-word floods in you get a simple way of finding where they got the address from.

Also I find that the S-word comes in waves. You will get a few days worth and then it will disappear, only to come back in 3-4 months time.


Thanks Graham, sensible advice, but, as you say, somewhat late. The problem is that it would always have been late as I'd been posting on usenet with this email address for years before spam really became a problem....

The endless flood (3-4 bounces a minute for a day and a half) seems to have eased up at the moment, which is good....

Hi Len,

I had the same problem myself a few weeks back :( and whilst it seems to have stopped for the time being I know it'll only be a matter of time before I'm targetted again :( so if you do find a solution then do post it!

Kind Regards,

Carson Cheung

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