The new Microsoft File Transfer Manager appears to suck...

I'm downloading the Windows 7 Beta from MSDN Subscriber downloads right now and the new Microsoft File Transfer Manager appears to be very very crap. The MSDN site insisted on updating the file transfer component before I could download and this version seems to stop every few minutes with errors about web server headers being missing. I have no proxies of my own that could be causing problems so I assume it's a wider problem than just me... Anyway, it's a pain that I have to keep hitting the Resume button ever few minutes...


I think it's more about the number of people trying to download Windows 7 - my FTM *didn't* update before I started downloading, but I had the problems you did, but when I downloaded Vista x64 yesterday, I had no issues.

Yeah, I know, but the error message implies that it's something other than a busy server that's dropping connections... If the error message said something along the lines of "Connection dropped, server might be too busy" it would encourage people to maybe try later. As it is it implies that there's something else going wrong... Still, I got there in the end through pure pig headed determination...

To be fair, when have you ever known Microsoft to be user friendly where errors are concerned?

You don't have to look further than
ERROR: 'the operation completed successfully' message.

Or "error reading/writing memory ..."

The list is endless.
YES. It would be GREAT if they did include a helpful message but again, when has M$ been known to do this?

Either way, it doesn't make it any less frustrating.

I am here because of a similar error - Everything was downloading fine and then - KAPUT!

The 'operation completed' error is quite a simple bug, displaying the value of an error code without checking that the error code isn't "success"...

Still, I see your point.

The error messages I'm getting is "Interupted. Cannot open file on server."


I guess it's just the load caused by Windows 7 downloads.

I was actually just about to write a post about how this time it all just worked and I left my machine downloading Windows 7 and both the x86 and x64 Windows SDKs and this morning it was all there as expected...


Thanks for that. I'm based in the UK so I'm not sure it will help me, but it's useful to know.


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