Things I hate about Visual Studio 2010 - part "today"


I tend to work with lots of solutions at once. I'm often building code for clients, building and testing new example servers for The Server Framework and running lots of copies of various versions of Visual Studio at once.

Now, if I happen to try and open two VS2010 solutions at around the same time (and given the time it takes for VS2010 to start up that's not that hard to do), then one of them wins and gets my normal settings and one (probably the one that gets a sharing violation whilst trying to read my normal settings) ends up with some default madness setup that isn't what I want at all.

The great thing is, hmm, irony, that the one with the madness thinks it should update the change it has made and so from then on every time I launch VS2010 I get the 'new' madness settings. Great. Not.

It's things like this that stop me customising things... I run with a pretty vanilla OS install just because nobody else has my custom setup, so it's easier for me to be productive if I don't do custom setups; learn to be productive in the default environment... But I like my solution explorer on the left, and I like not having those useless tabs on the right... Grrrrr.....

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