I've put together a new website for my super scalable, high performance, I/O Completion Port based server framework.

This has all of the information that you need to decide if you can use The Free Framework or if you'd prefer to license The Server Framework. There's also a new server example, WASP, which is a pluggable server platform that is available in compiled form and is free for non-commercial use. Over the next few months WASP will evolve to support most of the key features of the various options that are available with The Server Framework such as SSL, Managed hosting, UDP and TCP, etc.

There will be forums for support, but of course you're all still more than welcome to email me directly.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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The design implications of FILE_SKIP_COMPLETION_PORT_ON_SUCCESS and the Vista overlapped I/O change, reprise was the previous entry in this blog.

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