Visual Studio 11, the UI changes don't matter...

The best thing about Visual Studio 11 is that it doesn't matter if you like the new style IDE or not. The project files are, at last, backwards compatible, so you can load them in Visual Studio 2010 and build with the new tool chain even though you ignore the new IDE - if that's what you want to do.

I don't like the new icons, but I find I can work fine in the IDE as long as I don't think about it too much... Probably pretty much like how I felt about all previous versions when they were at the beta stage...


You're right, they don't matter, though they are absolutely ghastly and bland. It's a real UI faux-pas in my opinion. At least Ctrl+Q allows you to search for what you want, and you can hide most of the menu bars. Shame about the tool windows though. The new solution explorer is good, but it so awful to look at. I'm pretty sure we evolved colour vision for a reason ;)

Thank goodness there are so many new things (they've sort-of got rid of the built-in MS testing in C# in favour of xUnit, for example), and all of the C++11 goodness is in there.

Maybe this gives me an excuse to learn MSbuild, windbg command line debugging, and use a different editor for C++. For C#, I'll stick with VS11.

I dislike the fact that the icons are, generally, so different, it makes it difficult to work out what they do. Once you do know what the glyphs mean then the lack of colour makes it hard to find the right one quickly.

I haven't really noticed the supposed increased screen area for editing...

I wouldn't be surprised if there's an optional set of colour icons in the release version, after all, why not?

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