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10 years of blogging...

On the 3rd of May 2003 I posted the first entry on this blog. I then proceeded to "back fill" the blog with various things that had either been posted before in other places or had been laying around waiting for me to have somewhere to put them. This is why although the blog began in 2003 the archives go back to 1992. Things have changed quite a lot since then, both in terms of blogging and my life. Back then blogs were hot, there was lots of buzz around them and a lot of the things I wrote were…

Comments disabled for a while

Due to masses of attempted comment spam which was causing my hosting provider's server some problems I've disabled comments for a while. Email me if you have something you'd like added and I'll sort it out for you. Update - 13/5/13 - comments enabled again...…
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I usually write about C++ development on Windows platforms, but I often ramble on about other less technical stuff...

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