Visual Studio Component Cache bug looks like it's here to stay...


So, it's nearly a year since I first started noticing issues with VS2015 on my build servers. The bug in question now has an entry on Microsoft Connect and Google can help with some work arounds which don't require turning the machine off and on again a random number of times until it works... There's even a Visual Studio extension that fixes the issue for you (!).

I find it disappointing that this hasn't been fixed, it's a fundamental usability issue which seems to be causing lots of people lots of pain. It's probably not too bad if you're running Visual Studio as a developer in the 'normal' way; especially if the extension can fix the issue for you when it happens, but on a build machine it's a pain. Of course, it only ever happens just after you kick off a build and leave the office. If you're sitting there waiting for it to happen the problem never seems to manifest...

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