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I tend to develop code with JITT (Just in time testing), this is like TDD when I'm doing it but it doesn't always get done. What does get done, generally, is the "first test" for each class. This ensures that subsequent testing is possible as the code doesn't have hidden dependencies and it gives me a test harness that's ready to go when I find that I need it. More complex code end up being TDD, easier bits end up as JITT where the tests are only written when I've wasted time banging my head on the desk trying to…

More thoughts on C++ Tools (on Windows)

Last friday's rant about C++ static and dynamic analysis tools was picked up by Reddit and I have had quite a few helpful suggestions for other tools to try. Thanks! Dr. Memory. Microsoft's Application Verifier. CPPDepend PVS Studio Microsoft's CRT Debug heap. CLang - various options, especially using AddressSanitizer.…
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