C++ Tools - JetBrains ReSharper C++ - purchased...


I've been looking at Resharper C++ by JetBrains for a while now and the trial period has finally run out. I immediately bought a license which shows how my feelings have changed about the product during the trial.

Initially I found that the tool got in my way too much, I still find it a little sluggish at times but I think that my initial tests were hurt by the fact that I was running multiple copies of Visual Studio (as is my way) with multiple large projects and generating code inspection reports in all of them at the same time... Well, that's how I'd want to use it... Anyway, when limiting myself to one or two concurrent instances things were better. There's still a bit of a lag before the 'light bulb' icon appears after you navigate from the inspection report to the editor and I suspect that this is because the addin has to run the inspection again for the newly opened file before knowing what's wrong with it...

I haven't really explored much functionality other than the code inspection reports but these are a good complement to my other static analysis tools and the refactoring capability of the addin is interesting. I'm looking forward to trying the command line version of the inspection report and hopefully that can be integrated into my CI server's build process.

As I've said from the start, the support is excellent and I liked the fact that the trial period could be paused; though I found out about it too late to actually pause it. Too often I install trial editions of tools only to find that I'm dragged away to do some client work and by the time I get back to the tool the trial has expired. The price is reasonable, the licensing is flexible and the online purchase experience was painless.

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