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CORBA - Reference Counting

We've been developing code on Windows and Unix for quite some time, but most of the distributed component work we've been involved in has been done using COM. That's changing now as clients have more requirements for Unix based component solutions. We're currently evaluating CORBA ORBs and learning how the CORBA way of doing things differs from the COM way. The first difference that we came across was the way that CORBA servers deal with object lifetime issues. Adding reference counting to CORBA objects isn't as easy as it first seems Please note that these articles initially explore COM concepts…

CORBA - More Reference Counting

Although we managed to develop a working solution in the first CORBA reference counting article the results were ugly and fragile. In this article we attempt to clean things up a little and, in doing so, get intimate with the Portable Object Adapter and its Servant Managers.…

CORBA - Reference Counting Issues

At the end of the second article we have developed a self contained reference counting implementation that appears to work. Unfortunately, it's still far from reliable as CORBA doesn't provide the level of support for reference counting that's built into COM. In this article we discuss the problem and the various CORBA methods for controlling server object lifetime.…

CORBA - Enumeration

CORBA provides sequences as a way of returning collections of items from an method call. The problem with just using unbounded sequences is that the client has no control over how many items it receives as a result of the call. COM gets around this problem using the IEnum style interfaces that allow a client to control how it accesses the items in a collection.…

CORBA - Iteration

A CORBA style method of enumeration can be seen in the iteration interfaces on the CORBA Naming Service. Given the code we've already written for the enumeration interface we can easily implement an iteration interface as well as (or, more likely, instead of).…
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