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OLEDB - Disconnected Recordsets

If you are going to use the client cursor engine then often it's a good idea to disconnect your recordset...…

OLEDB - Client Cursor Engine updates

Making the ADO Client Cursor Engine believe that your rowset is updateable involves jumping through a few extra hoops...…

OLEDB - Updating data through an ADO recordset

The ATL OLE DB Provider templates only seem to support read-only rowsets, and making them support updating of data isn't as easy as you'd expect!…

OLEDB - IRowsetLocate and Bookmarks

Adding bookmark functionality is relatively easy and it enables our ADO recordset to be used with a greater number of data bound controls.…

OLEDB - Custom Rowsets

The ATL OLE DB Provider templates appear to rely on the fact that your data is kept in a simple array, but that's not really the case at all!…

OLEDB - Objects via ADO

ADO seems to be the ideal way to expose tabular data from your own COM objects and the ATL OLE DB Provider templates can help!…
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