My Name is Len Holgate, and I'm a workaholic


Given that the work I do goes on in my head and can be done anywhere I find that it's often done everywhere. Anyone got any hints on how to switch off?

Skiing and skating are good for me as I can't think about other things when I'm doing them. Everything else always has the risk of being interrupted by an 'a-ha!' moment where a 'work' problem is suddenly solved and I need to scurry away to the study to implement the idea... And then you get in the flow and hours go by and you haven't spent time with people you should.

Suggestions welcome.


Does Miche know that you think about work whilst on the Job?

Apparently, the answer is a notepad.

I posted this on the Joel On Software discussion board and got some good responses.

So I plan to get a notepad, make sure I have it with me and try and just write things down and deal with them later...

We'll see.

Len, the new font is more readible at this size. Still small but readible.

The post button is still unseen, but I have figured out that in my browser the post button is placed in the middle of this comments field, and rendered behind it. But it's still there. So I can click on an invisible rectangle on the center of this field, and post will happen. Doing that now...

Now that you've had a notbook for a couple of weeks, has it made any difference to your behaviour?

I have 2. They have my favourite scribbly pens clipped to them. One's in my bag, the other moves between office and lounge. Both are empty.

Since I started carrying them things changed a bit at home anyway. Michelle has been working away which gave me more time when I could legitimately spend in the office and since I had that extra time I didn't need any additional extra time. Plus, since she was away so much I made sure I wasn't working when she WAS home.

Also it could be that simply thinking about the problem and accepting that it's there (by buying the notebooks) has made it easier to deal with it properly.

I guess it's too early to tell.

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