When we were in Amsterdam doing the stag thing I saw a Jethro Tull video on the local music station. I wasn't actually aware that such a thing existed; but it sure brought back memories.

It was a live version of "Living In The Past". Good stuff.

On Saturday we were wandering through Virgin and there in the bargin bin was a copy of "Through The Years", a kinda "best of" thing. So that's been playing most of the day. There are some things I think are missing, it should have "Four Wheel Drive" and perhaps more from "Broadsword and the Beast" but it's still good...

Yeah yeah, set the 'he's had too much wine tonight' filter...


I bought an MP3 player recently and amused myself MP3ing some of my old Tull records. Never knew you were a fan too Len!!!! Prefer the older stuff + the folky era Stormwatch, Songs from the Wood (haven't got Heavy Horses though....) Not very keen on Rock Island etc though!!!

I don't have that much. I got Broadsword and the Beast at a particularly apt AD&D moment and I remember someone playing 4WD over and over on a trip to the Lake District when I was 17 or so... I like the flute and the folkiness of it all though.

Since I'm very young, I never seen Tull live, but I have got some video and I really enjoy it. Tull really rocks, more than Led Zeppelin (but not than Frank Zappa) and I think that they are one of the greatest rock groups ever.

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