I'd like a refactoring lint


So a refactoring editor doesn't float my boat; a lint tool that warned me that there were bad smells in the code would...

Right now I use Gimpel Lint as a code review tool. I run it, it tells me nasty things about the code, I listen, fix or ignore. It would be nice if it could tell me that there were bad smells. I think this is where real value could come from refactoring tools.


Use emacs then you can simply (snigger) write a few macros to inhale any offensive odour in the code. Honestly, once you get the idea, its quite simple. I love emacs - the only other editor I quite like for C++ is the Microsoft VC++ editor - must be the only MS thing I like!!!!!!

The thing is, I'm lazy. I want someone else to provide me with the functionality and I dont want to have to change my editor to get it :)

Need code review tool for C programs.
Please let me know.


Why not use Google?

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