iPaq upgrade


Finally got the Pocket PC 2003 upgrade for my iPaq 3970. The upgrade went nice and smoothly and the iPaq feels quite a bit faster and everything seems a little more polished and easy to use. So far it seems that it was worth the money...


Got me thinking about organisers. I have an ancient Psion Revo - I use it for writing documents on the train since I never want to carry my laptop with me. I don't really need a calendar since my watch tells me what day it is and I would rather be in blissful ignorance about meetings and appointments!!! What do you *really* need an organiser for? I am sure you have a long long list!!!!

I use it for email. Two or three clicks and it bluetooths to my phone and grabs my mail no matter where I am.

It's sometimes handy to have my address book with me.

That's pretty much it.

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