Windows update should...


Windows update should let you flag updates as things you dont want. You should be able to add some text if you want; so it can remind you why you didnt want it, and say to it "don't show me this one again unless I ask...".


You can always turn WindowsUpdate off ;-) using the Automatic Updates tab of System Properties (right click on My Computer and select "Properties" from explorer to get Sys Props)

No, that's not the point. I WANT 99% of the updates for 75% of my machines but sometimes I don't want an update - like I don't want the directX updates or the media player updates on my server boxes as there's no point.

The problem is I make that decision and then have to revisit the reasoning behind it every time I go to windows update... I'd like to not have to think about it again and know that if windows update says X new updates they're actually NEW and I might actually want them...

If you talk about the web-based update, you can "Personalize Windows Update". For each available update, you can check/uncheck whether it should be offered in future or not.

Can you? Wow, I didn't know that, thanks! I'll go take a look.

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