The Maytag customer service experience

We have a Maytag fridge and very nice it is too. However, sometimes it seems to be too cold and things freeze up. After far too long procrastinating and just excepting that cold was how fridges were supposed to be I called Maytag for support...

I hadn't bothered to register the fridge when I bought it. We were busy with doing up the flat and sending in the registration card seemed low on the list of priorities. Even so the customer service rep knew who I was from my post code and talked me through finding the serial number on the fridge so that she could provide more accurate information.

Once that was out of the way she told me that the fridge, an M2260iSSB, had a five year warrantee and that we were still well within that period. Notes on her system said that we would need an engineer to visit to fix the fridge as there was a known issue that could cause the 'crisper drawer is too cold and all our salad freezes' issue. She said that an engineer would call me back to arrange a date and time.

The engineer called, arranged a date, called the night before to confirm the time (a 3hr window) and arrived on time. He took one look at the fridge and smiled as he pulled a small plastic bag from his pocket. "I was expecting it to be this", he said...

5 minutes later the 'meat and cheese' drawer had been removed and a small piece of polystyrene with a hole in it had been fitted to the side of it. The hole lined up with a hole in the side of the fridge and the polystyrene block formed a seal between the hole and the 'meat and cheese' drawer. The block channels cold air from the freezer into the compartment; without it the air simply fell into the entire fridge and the bottom of the fridge (and the salad drawers) tended to get too cold. The engineer explained how he must have replaced 1000s of these pieces; they look like packing material and people often throw them out during installation. The problem is flagged on their system and later models have a better solution (the block is screwed to the frame and there's a sticker on it telling people not to remove it).

So, assuming it works (and it looks like it should) everything is good. Our salad wont freeze over the Christmas period which will remove one item from the 'things to be stressed about when you're doing Christmas for 8 people' list.

All in all the whole service experience was surprisingly pleasant; almost perfect in fact. The only way that it could be made better would be if the engineer could visit during the evening...


I have a 4 yeal old Neptune Washer. I had to call the Maytag serviceman out because it was making a terrible banging noise. He said the main tub bearing was bad and that I was looking at a 3-400 dollar repair bill and that the Neptune had a bad reputation in the repair industry and he said he didn't reccommend putting that kind of money in the machine even though it was a thousand dollar unit when new because the Neptune has some serious problems, especially with electronics. I called Maytag Customer Service to see if they were going to support the product in anyway. I talked to three different people and they all told me how sorry they were, but the company had no obligation to support the repair/replacement of the washer. So, here I am, an unhappy Maytag owner with a piece of junk.

How about the Maytag washer with the agitator that is not a solid the bottom of the agitator,(I am agitated), it is just flimsy plastic and not connected to the whole thing...
I figure this is for the water to flow thru? Anyway, I use a lingerie bag for my ladies undergarments, as well as some clothing with drawstrings on the waist..low and behold, what do you think happens at the end of the wash cycle?
Yup, you guessed it...a tangled mess..I learned this the hard way when it ruined a beautiful skirt. The entire load of clothing was one big giant glob.....get with it Maytag..Do you test this stuff before putting it on the market?
from, a skeptic in New York!!!!!!!!!!!

I used to work for maytag and we are trained to deny all your request unless you are under warranty, the products suck and I wouldn't have a maytag if I was given one for free. So, the next time you call because your product is 2 months out of the warranty, remember you ain't gonna get any help from maytag. Most of the products are made in korea, which is why the crap ddon't work. Stop being made at the reps they are only doing what they are trained to do, and that is DENY FIRST, offer 50 % if you are under 1 month or less outside of warranty, otherwise screw you!!!!!! and it doesn't help to ask for a supervisor, she always ask the rep, "did you deny them" so, quit wasting your time trying to get something from MAYTAG, they don't care and you should know it by now. How many times have your 1 year old washer leaked, well there was 1000 calls a day about those, and no recall as yet. So, in life stop believing those commercials, the maytag we all use to know is dead!

I'm alittle ticked off, My Range barely even 2 yrs old, I hardly ever bake,let alone open the oven door, I don't have little children to abuse my oven door, and here the door handle broke off on one side, I told the rep, I thought it was very poorly made, she said it isn't poorly made, and I'm sorry I can't help you if you have no warranty.I thought Maytag was suppose to be a good name brand, NOT IN MY BOOKS anymore, Right they won't even listen to you if you haven't any warranty, why would I want extended warranty if I don't abuse my appliances. That's it no more Maytag for me and I'm gonna tell everyone I know, what crap it is.

We have a Maytag refrigerator(Amana). It is a piece of junk. After 17 months the compressor has gone out. The parts are under warranty, but the labor will be over 300 dollars. The only repairman who can fix it must be certified by Maytag. Then you wait for days before they can come to look at it. It is common for the compressor to out in this model, but there has not been a recall for it. The repairman that we called said that most people won't bother to fix it but will just buy a new one. After years of buying Maytag, I will never buy another one.

I have used many Maytag appliances and have been very pleased with the performance and service for these products until I recently bought a new Maytag Double Oven Range. Performance of this unit is poor at best. Maytag tech came out and checked it and said that it is operating normal and that Maytag newer products are inferior to older Maytag products. Maytag customer no service only says they are sorry that I am not satisfied and does not offer any help with resolving the problem. All they want to do is sell me an extended waranty rather fix the problem. I will never buy another Maytag product and will recommend that anyone thinking about a Maytag product look for another brand.

I have a maytag dryer and it is less than a year old and have had problems with it from the start. The latest problem is it won't heat up and the repair person said he had to order parts. He should have an igniter in his kit as it is a common part to need replacing. I have been with out the use of my dryer for over 2 weeks and still it has not been fixed. I would never recommend or buy another MAYTAG product!!!!

I bought a new Maytag Dryer and that was in February. I had the main circuit board replaced, because is would not turn on after a month and a half. The place I had bought it from came out and replaced that. Now we are at our five months mark and the dryer needs and ignitor (it turns on but will not dry any of the things put in it.) A repairman came out and his truck did not have all the things he thought that it was going to need. It only had one thing and that was a new motor. Not what the machine needed. I know that when you put things in and they still come out wet, that you most definitely will probably need an ignitor. He had one on order, but it had not come in yet and they should have these things just sitting on the shelfs waiting for the next one to go bad. I have had other Maytag washer and dryer, Refrigerator and Range and they are working fine and I have had them for a good period of time. But this dryer should be taken care of in a timely manner and that has not been done and I will tell everyone that I know never to buy a Maytag, they do not have reputable dryers and the customer service people do not stand behind them very well. DO NOT EVER BUY A MAYTAG DRYER EVER!! BE FORWARNED

Brand new appliance not even 3 days old fails to work. Burned out circuitry is to blame. AVOID MAYTAG!!!!!

I have a 4 yr old Maytag Atlantis Dryer that burned out on the eve of the Atlantis landing on September 21st. Thank God only one Atlantis died, that one was mine. Can you believe Maytag doesn't give a hoot, and this is after I bought same products for my daughter and my sister went out and bought the same on my recommendation. Guess we go to Sears Kenmore from now on. What a false advertising they present on national television. They should be put out of business.

Well, I thought I was ALONE, I guess not.
We remodeled in the beginning of 2001...all new appliances two of them Maytag and I have to agree with everything posted here.
The refrigerator was so screwed up, the repairMAN broke was replaced by the same model, which then did the same thing. We kept it, because I had been without a refrigerator for 5 days and did not want to go through that again.
The Maytag dishwasher ModelMDB7100 has it's computer board burned out for the 2nd time in under one year now. The adjustable tines have broken off, the wheels break off and the seal around the door leaks black stuff over the inside of the dishwasher.
Everyone out there take warning!!
While I am here, I might as well say that we had no luck with the Microwave either, which is a
Sharp. We are a retired couple in our 60's who take care of our things and none of these products were mis-used or mis-handled in any way!!

I too join the ranks of the people NOT happy with Maytag! My OLD Maytag washer and dryer lasted FOREVER! My husband replaced a couple of things himself and that's all it needed in 20 years. We bought a NEW Maytag washer and Dryer in 2001 and it is NOT up to Maytag standards. The circuit board's have replaced not once BUT 2 times!

Now on to my biggest headache, the Fridge! It was the one that cost the MOST on the floor at Sears and we assumed it was GOLD like Maytag was at one time. We bought it just before the washer and dryer gave us headaches. The top shelve has broken twice and nothing really heavy is on it.
THEFAN DRIVES US NUTS! Sears has been to our home so many times about that stupid fan! The service guy said to me that the fan housing is NOW PLASTIC so any movement to the fridge, it'll start hitting and trust me it DOES!
My husband now gets behind the fridge and it generally takes him 30 minutes or so each time to stop the clanking. It seems as soon he moves it back in place, it starts again!
AT ONE time Maytag was the BEST and I respected the products. That has changed and I will NEVER again buy anything that they are related to in any way. They are making them so chaep now that you are forced to replace the product in a much shorter time and this does NOTHING good for the name of Maytag. Cheap is not better and it teaches us to look elsewhere.

Customer service is horrible at Maytag, even with the recall on their dishwasher because it was a firehazard, they managed not to be able to get the part to me for repair, after weeks of waiting,calling, being put on hold for 33 minutes, yes, I timed them! waiting for a supervisor to return my call. I purchased something else. I was a lifelog Maytag customer, but never again, soon I'll also have to replace my 20 year old oven, no way in hell will it be a Maytag.

I purchased top of the line Maytag washer and dryer, to serve as overflow washing at my Motel. What junk.
I have spent more dollars repairing them over the last few years, than I could have bought at least two new sets of machines. I would NEVER buy that crap again. I thought I was buying the best. I know I paid the TOP price....would have been better off buying three cheap sets. Buy ANYTHING except a Maytag is my advice.

I too am very unhappy about the service I received due to my Dishwasher being in the recall.
After numerous calls and repeated times on hold I finally got an appointment to get my dishwasher
fixed. imagine my shock when I tried to use it
after the repairman left and found that he messed it up so now it will not work at all. I
got the run around when I tried to report that
the repairman messed up my dishwasher. A customer service supervisor was no help. Now
I have a broken dishwasher and a very bad dislike
for Maytag and their customer service. Buy a Maytag product again--I don't think so.

Where is the bored Maytag repair man?
GE/A&E Factory Service was hired by maytag because they do not have ANY repair men!
A&E was unable to repair Our Washer.
They literally beat on it for 2 hours yesterday (we have the mangled parts to prove it) The repair man told my husband to try getting the bolts off because he couldn't do it. It is sitting here in dented pieces! After three times out, Just to "Look" at it and waiting for backordered parts that ended up not being backordered at all, and shipped with one day service after 7 weeks of came down to them beating our washer, with parts all over our lawn!
We are going on 8 weeks now without a washer and dryer. The salesman for Home Depot told us Maytag is all about “dependability” which is a false claim. The salesman stated If a problem arises and service is required, you need it fixed as fast as possible, Maytag will “Repair or Replace" it. So, we purchased the extended warranty. We spoke in length about The bored Maytag repairman commercials.
We know now that it was all false advertising because Maytag repairmen do not exist. We cannot tolerate the rude conduct of GE and their hired A&E service department. (that's a whole other complaint.)
We are out over 300.00 in Laundromat fee's (only 85.00) was promised to be reimbursed, and to date it has not been! We have explained the medical condition of our children that makes this situation even more cruel.
We would like a refund or another washer & dryer set (not Maytag)
We have not heard back from Home Depot yet...hopefully today =)

I am sorry to hear this happened to you. I prefer Maytag parts because they are best quality products. As for services , well this never happened to me, and i don't want to get through it.

I will never purchase maytag crap again I purchased a washer that dances across the floor and now a dishwasher that makes all kind of noise maytag used to be reputabale now its a piece of crap if you purchase anything from maytag you need your head examined

Their customer Service is the worst experience ever. My wife and I purchased a new side by side refrigerator. The compressor broke 1 1/2 weeks after the warranty expired. We got the compressor for free but Maytag wouldn't take into consideration that the warranty was only 1 1/2 weeks past the expiration date. The unit has also leaked for the whole 3 years. We have had them out twice for repairs and in total have had to pay
$477.oo in service call fees (By the way the unit is still not fixed as of this email). We were on vacation when the last leak started again and had tile damage to the tune of over $500. The customer service Reps manager actually laughed out loud on the phone when I suggested that Maytag was liable to pay for the damages. The warranty is useless and the customer service is the same. Please I implore anyone who reads this: " Do NOT BUY A MAYTAG PRODUCT"

More of the same stuff I read here.. Poor customer service. My Parents had a maytag dishwasher and it was working fine. They sent out a cya letter about a recall on some wiring in the door starting fires etc.. so we called and got the part sent out pretty faST. This is where anything going right ended. We finaly got the local rep to come out. He put the part in and blew the circuit board. He says, oh this happens all the time, I'll order the part and when it comes in I'll come out and fix it. OK.
2 weeks later I call and ask whats up with the part... we don't know.. we ordered it.. anyway they put the onus on me and have me call.. I get a very nice person.. looks and says we don't know when we might get the part, we will just replace it.. OK great... someone will contact me.. another week, call, oh, go and pick out something equal and will take care of it... Load up 81 year old parents go look, find something.. call them.. we were misinformed.. has to be a specific model.. shipped form maytag. It just goes on and on... I still have no dishwasher. My elderly mother has been without a dishwasher for 2 months. I have been promised numerous phone calls.. I always have to call them.
They are the absolute worst customer service in the industrty. Congrats... Maytag your # 1 in crap!!!

This is kinda interesting, I'm based in the UK, where are all of you other guys based? Is it just the UK that has good Maytag customer service or was I just really really lucky, or am I just easily pleased ;) ??

i must say i have had nothing but trubble with my maytag refrigerator. my extented warranty will not cover any thing that breaks . my big deli cover across the bottom for my new maytag frig. broke off . the plastic peace that holds the door on broke off and my so called extented warranty will not cover it or any thing other than compressor. i had a problem with freezer door closing and i had to repair it my self. my extented warranty would not cover it. i have owned maytag for 45 years, thats all i have bought and i will never by another maytag product of any kind, ever!i have told all my friends about how bad maytag has been and they have exprenced the same problem . i do not what happen to your company but i will not have a product broke in my house. every time i open my refrigerator i will get pisssed off. you can not treat people like this. ronald zeigler
phone3 602-330-8106 addrerss 3162w. betty elyse lane ,phoenix az. 85053

Purchased a Maytag Neptune front load washer and dryer in 1998 for significant money. Washer had a design flaw and developed a mildew smell which could not be eliminated. A kit was installed for free which did nothing. A class action suit was filed against Maytag, but I wasn't eligible. Like a fool I replaced it with a Maytag Atlantis which cost me $617 in July of 2005. By July of 2007, it was making lots of noise during the spin cycle. The estimate to repair was $488. I gave it to the Rescue Mission in town and bought a new set of Kenmores. My advice would be to avoid Maytag at all costs..actually at YOUR cost. The hype that they are somehow a cut above the others just doesn't wash with me. Their products are overpriced junk. BTW...I have alerted their customer service to this site and my comments. Spin this Maytag. Thanks Len.

Let me count the ways I HATE my Maytag stove!!!!!
Can't keep the top of the stove clean. Dog hair got in between the glass and the door and I can't get it out. I cannot make a decent batch of cookies with this stove, they either burn, or they are not done or they are flat, Making cookies is a big part of my life, not anymore.
I had 2 or 3 people at my house to look at my stove right after I purchased it and no one could find a thing wrong with it. It is now almost a year old and I still hate it as much as the first day I bought it.

July, 2006, bought a complete Maytag kitchen, cooktop, double wall oven, fridge, m-wave, and d-washer for our new custom-built home. Had a problem right away with fridge making a knocking noise at compressor start-up. Service tech spositioned dryer unit and this helped a little, but only for a couple months. Asked dealer for service 3 more times, got the story that they were giong to contact Maytag tech dept. Made 3 more calls and finally got their guy to come out again. Said noise was normal. Called Maytag's cust service and found that they are that in name only. No help, other than to recommend a different service tech. A different tech, noise persists. He says that "it is the insulation expanding." I have been around refrigerators for 62 years and never heard one make this noise.
Now, after no more than 20 uses, the element in the lower oven has taken a dump. Burned the length of one side in a spiral pattern. Dealer says "something must have spilled on it. GIVE ME A BREAK!! There is no way for something to spill that far to the side, and nothing to indicate a spill on the oven floor. Of course, the one year (BFD) warranty is history, now. $40 for a new element, and installed it myself. The "Lonely Maytag Repairman" od commercial fame is DEAD! When these appliances go toes-up, they will be replaced, but NOT by Maytag, Amana, Whirlpool, or any of the other "Fine" brands marketed by Whirlpool under many different names.

February 2008 - I have been trying for 6 days to get Maytag to repair one of their refirgerators that is still under warranty. The whole expericene has been a JOKE! DEPENDABILITY HA!

My 3 month old $1500 Maytag refrigerator developed a bad taste in the water after 3 months. Maytag customer service was called twice and both calls were answered by people who said it must be the water filter. My comment was the water filter was supposed to last 1 year, and if it wasn't the filter ,would I be reimbursed for changing it if the problem still exists? The flat answer was they have no responsibility on water, and no I wouldn't be reimbursed even if it was NOT the filter (they are $40.00 each).Keep in mind, this is the factory included filter and is only 3 months old. After buying Maytag for 35 years and also my parents buying only Maytag for the previous 30 years, I will NOT buy another Maytag appliance! Their obvious disregard for their loyal customers is TERRIBLE!

I have a Maytag Refrigerator that is less than 2 years old. It is a French Door with the ice maker in the door, freezer in the bottom. This is absolutely the worst refrigerator I have ever owned. The ice maker has not worked correctly since it was purchased and I have been getting a run around for repair (even though I have an extended warranty and service contract). Now the ice maker doesn't work at all! I have always owned Kenmore appliances; never had a problem with any of them. I bought Maytag for my new home because of their "dependability". NEVER AGAIN!!!

This is a comment about Jenn-aire which is part of Maytag now. I purchased a new home and had jenn aire appliances installed. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE THAT WAS. The worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. The downdraft was shipped with very simple ducting instructions. The fan did not draw enough and caused the somke to fill the house when using the
grill. They tell me it is an install issue. I found the ducting instructions and found that the duct is installed correctly according to our instructios. They claim those were incorrect directions and they won't do anything. I would havr to rip up Tiger Wood floors to fix the issue but they won't help. Just to let you know, if you need anything from Maytag/Jenn-aire you ain't going to get it. Don't buy anything from this company, they think they are perfect. The service person agreed with me that the instructions for the ducting was very poor at best. Everything will be your fault. Again, DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY YOU WILL BE SORRY. THE CLAIM YOU CAN BRING OUTDOOR GRILLING INSIDE, THAT'S NOTHING BUT BS.

I too am done with Maytag. Bought a dishwasher and a month before its warranty expired (at 11 months) the circuit board went out. It was replaced and 5 months later,,with no warranty it went out again. Appears to me its all slapped together garbage. Gone are the days of quality. Never will I buy Maytag again.

This is perfect service indeed, usually things get far more complicated and take way too long. I haven't got the chance to test the service quality for my appliance parts but at least now I have a reference point about how things should work.

I have a Maytag above the stove microwave, purchased less than two years ago. The door handle broke off for no apparant reason. When I called for parts I was told I have to buy the whole door assembly. This crummy plastic handle , because I can't buy just the handle is going to cost me $ 229.40 plus tax and $ 9.00 shipping. I could almost buy a new microwave for that amount. This is customer robbery in my opinion and I will not be buying any more Maytag appliances.

We purchased a newish home in April 2008 and purchased a Maytag front loading washer, dryer, and a s/b/s refrigerator. The saleswoman said that the "Store-n-door" accessories had to be ordered directly from Maytag. This we did. We were told that we could expect to receive the items in five-six weeks from 6/3.

When they did not arrive we called and were told that, yes, the merchandise had been shipped. We were asked to call back on 8/16 to learn when the items would be reshipped. This call was placed on 8/29. Expected delivery would be 9/30. It is now 10/02--no delivery.

I telephoned yesterday and today, again hoping for some satisfactory resolution to our situation. I was able to speak to a supervisor and was told that a third-party is involved in sending the order either by UPS or FedX. I asked that the merchandise be shipped by overnight or the very least five days as waiting another five to six weeks was unacceptable. She said she would see what could be done.

I have the address for Cust. Svc., Special Handling, and will be contacting them if this extends to the end of next week.

One of our local TV stations has a customer advocacy department in which they work with customer complaints of all types. I have contacted them and they are also working on this on our behalf.

You can get the part anyplace anywhere appliance parts are normally sold. It can be used on every dishwasher containing every manufacturer's parts, as well as quality parts like Whirlpool parts, Kenmore parts, and Maytag parts.

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