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My new head cam arrangement worked well in Meribel. As you can see from the picture below, the new camera is much smaller than my previous rig.


The camcorder lives in my rucksack, the cables for video and remote control come out over my shoulder and the connections all happen in my chest pocket. The remote allows me to turn the camcorder on and off and start and stop recording. The bulletcam's battery pack sits in my chest pocket and can be disconnected from the camera to save battery when not recording.


I'm pleased with the results. I managed to capture 4 hrs of footage on one battery charge and with much more control over the camera than I have had before.

Captured in Windows Movie Maker 2.0.

A normal link in case the active movie thing above doesn't work.

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Hi Len,

Where did you get your camera from? Heading off soon and have been thinking about getting one.



I got it mail order from RF Concepts in the UK. http://www.rfconcepts.co.uk/cameras-cctv.htm. They used to do a complete pack with the mounting stuff and batter pack etc, can't quite see that there anymore. It's also worth getting the wired LANC remote control too...

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