Thoughts turn to snow

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The 2004/05 ski season starts for us in mid September when we're off to Saas Fee with Warren Smith again. Today we got our boots out and spent some time stomping around and practicing some of the jumping exercises that Warren had us do last time. We both have different boots to the last time we skied with Warren and they're more flexible and should work better with the kind of stuff he has us do. Since the ski season is approaching we've pulled the Skier's Edge machine out and we both spent some time on it today. Miche spends much more time in pre ski training than I do and last year it paid off so well I've decided that I should follow suit or soon I won't be able to keep up. It's potentially much more important this year as we're planning quite a busy season...

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We got an early season Low Front here in Tahoe, and I've started to think about the ski season as well. I have to agree that training is key. 20+ seasons on snow are starting to take their toll on my knees. This year I'll probably lay off the bumps and focus on my telemark form.

I'm in the gym 3 days / week right now working my legs and core muscles for the season.

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