Spammer's choice

I'd quite like to be able to harness the efforts of the comment spammers and MT-Blacklist so that when a spammer fails to comment on a posting this fact is noted and posting can get mentioned on the front page as the current "spammer's choice"... Sounds mad, but since I have a lot of content now, it would be a way of bringing some old stuff back to the front page - in the same way that the comment section does...


Firstly, please accept apology for posting a silly question here.

Please suggest me good books on C#/.NET. There are hundreds of books in the market and i am confused. I want single that makes "real difference"

Last year i was struggling with COM, many books were in front of me but i was unable to understand COM. Thanks to the bookshelf section of, where i read your recommendation about the book "Inside COM". I purchased the book and really i felt that all the other books are useless. Please suggest good book on C# and also on .NET in general also. I want book just like "Inside COM". If you think that no book of C# is comparable to "Inside COM", then please suggest book which atleast is closer to that of "Inside COM".

I don't really have anything that I'd recommend as 'as good as Inside COM'... But that's probably just because I haven't found the really good .Net books yet (I haven't really needed them...) Lippman's C# Primer is pretty good. Perhaps some other reader's might have some suggestions?

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