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The value of malleable systems

We're almost at the end of our hand over phase now; my time on the project is almost over. The last couple of weeks have been interesting. We've been working towards a demo of the system and this seems to have helped to get everyone moving in the same direction; suddenly the hand over seems to be happening... I don't think I'll need to be that involved in the demo as everyone else knows what's going on and can explain how the system works... This is a Good Thing. One of the other good things about the last couple of…

Hoisting test code into production

A while ago I mentioned how I had hoisted a mock object up into production code because it only needed a few changes to make it usable as real code rather than just test code. This last week we've done this again...…


I've been busy recently; what with getting our trip sorted, finishing the hand over, completing the auction server and doing some consultancy for an internet market data providing company. The good news is that most things are now done and soon I'll have time to knock a few of the interesting looking items off of my "code this" list... The auction server exceeded our client's expectations; which was nice. The hand over has reached a point where I no longer feel like I'm pushing water up hill and the market data consulting is interesting and of finite scope... Preparation for…

C++ Meta programming madness?

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I find myself agreeing with Chris on this one. I just dont think I'm clever enough to use these 'modern' C++ template programming styles reliably in a way that makes the resulting code better and easier to maintain by others. I've tried, but I tend to end up with a confusing mess that I can't understand when I come back to it. What's more I often find that I can't justify the additional complexity of the result compared to doing the work in the 'old-school' non template way. I also think that there may be some truth in Chris's comment…

Stage complete - time bonus

Today was my last day with one of my current clients. In the end the hand over went well, but then I did start the process off a long time ago....…

Stan Lippman's VC6 rant

It's been a busy week. We got back from Verbier on Saturday and I'd hurt my knee, so I was sad, and limping and slow. I then had a mass of things to do to finish all of my client obligations by today. I collected up some blog postings that I was going to reply to, when I got a moment, and now I have a moment I find that one of them has vanished... Edit: Yay! for the Wayback machine ;) Here's the original posting: http://web.archive.org/web/20041211175803/http://blogs.msdn.com/slippman/ Something that I didn't mention at the time was the passion that Stan…
Roy Osherove links to Mockpp a mock object framework for C++ and comments on how the framework is painful to use (and it looks like it was painful to write...) He concludes that he's getting on just fine writing his mocks manually... In my experience you'd miss a lot of very useful learning and design work if you didn't write the mocks manually...…

My Sister is home

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Today we had a second Christmas celebration. Michelle and I and my sister and her boyfriend went to my parent's house for a meal. Michelle and I had spent Christmas with Michelle's family and my sister was away over Christmas so we'd planned to have our family Christmas today. This was all fine until Boxing Day when we saw the news about Asia. My sister and her boyfriend were spending Christmas in Sri Lanka...…
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