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Normal service is about to resume...

My ski trip is over and I'm back in the UK for a while so I expect my technical writing will resume real soon now.…
I'm updating one of the pieces of sample code that we put on CodeProject a couple of years ago. A client wants a version of the COM object socket server that has been built with the latest version of our server framework and which supports outbound connections as well as inbound. The work has been going reasonably well until this afternoon when I found I had a problem shutting down the socket connections that I'd opened.…

Static linking

Christopher Baus bemoans the problem of getting all the libs that he wants to use linked in statically on Linux. Chris wants an executable that will run on lots of different systems with the least amount of pain for all concerned and to do this he's linking as much as he can statically so that he has a known set of functionality available. I know this will sound like heresy, but that's pretty much my approach on Windows and it has been for a long time.…
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