Catching my breath


I've had a busy few weeks. I'm waiting for a client to come back to me about a quote for some work and whilst I'm waiting I'm putting together a prototype for a product that I'm interested in producing. The prototype has been going well but since I know I have a limited amount of time to work on the system I've been working to a very tight deadline. Still, at least it's of my own making and at least there's a reason for it.

Today I'm doing a bit of house-keeping work (making sure all of the source is under cvs and pulling the tree out on a clean box to make sure that it all builds as expected) and then it will be back to the grind stone to try and get a handle on a few more of my desired features. Things are going well but because the product isn't something I really want to talk about right now, and because I've been so focussed on getting stuff done before my time runs out, I haven't had a chance to write about anything recently.


What's this product about ?

The product is an attempt to decouple my work from the money that it brings in. I've been thinking about the 'microISV' thing for a while now and my four month ski trip made me realise that there's more to life than working... It also made me realise that I still need money :( So I'm currently kicking some ideas around with the hope of turning one, or more, of them into something that people will pay money for. Oh, and the product will hopefully be software related (rather than ski wax related ;) ).

More news when there is news.

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