Is bloglines always slow?


I've been using SharpReader as my RSS reader for ages. I downloaded a version of it way back when I first got into blog reading and stuck with it because it worked, to a fashion. I ignored the bloaty .Netness of it and the fact that sometimes it disapeared from my task tray yet was still running, and that sometimes it ran really slowly, and that the way it presented new postings was a bit crap...

Yesterday I decided to try bloglines instead. I quite fancied the idea of a web based reader so that I could read stuff from anywhere. I like the way bloglines works but it seems REALLY slow, is it me, is it a particularly bad day for bloglines or is it always like this?


I've been using Bloglines as my primary RSS reader for about eight months, and while it lags sometimes, most of the time it works quite well. I've got it handling about 450 feeds for me. One trick I use is effective grouping of feeds so I don't get too many articles showing up in any group between reading sessions.

It seems better today. I only have around 100 feeds set up but it seemed to be really slow switching between them yesterday.

could be network lag. It works very well for me.

It works well when I can connect. What has been happening yesterday and today is that 95% of the time I can't connect...

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