Exploring the C++ Unit Testing Framework Jungle


Exploring the C++ Unit Testing Framework Jungle over on Games from Within is a really good look at all of the C++ unit testing frameworks out there. It compares the following frameworks:

  • CppUnit
  • Boost.Test
  • CppUnitLite
  • NanoCppUnit
  • Unit++
  • CxxTest

I'm one of those people who has written their own mini framework because none of the existing frameworks seemed to do what I wanted at the time I needed the framework and I wanted to get up to speed quickly with minimal learning time. Had this comparative review been available when I was first starting out with C++ unit testing then I most probably would have used one of the frameworks!

Via Barry, in email, why didn't you blog it? ;)


Sometimes I have to work ;-)

Maybe later. There are some other good articles on there as well. Not sure I agree with Jam vs. SCons though. Jam can be as cryptic as make. SCons is Python, so learn one, you learn the other (more or less).

Well thanks for this link, very interesting!

I was surprised to see that the author did not include TUT in his study ( I made a little post about it there : http://www.dotnetguru.org/blogs/tbarrere/?p=62&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1 ). A rather nice testing framework, even if it seems not very well known.

To that list I'd add Paul Grenyer's Aeryn - http://www.paulgrenyer.dyndns.org/aeryn/

Aeryn can now be found at http://www.aeryn.co.uk. The link Jim gave is now dead.

Thanks for the update Russel.

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