Sometimes I think programmers find the wrong things "cool"... This cartoon kinda sums it up ;)


Like to ask a personal question.

I know you are a fan of VC-6 and in your projects you use ATL (and never MFC ;) )

Suppose you get a chance of shifting towards VS.latest for your unmanaged C++ developments.

As such if you use ATL, then will you be using CString class or not. CString was a part of MFC in VC 6, and because you avoid MFC; you used std::string. But in VS.latest, it is a part of ATL which you frequently use. As such will you use CString.

Btw, i really don't know from where this stupid question came into my mind.


I'm not really a 'fan' of VC6 I just still have a lot of clients who require that I build stuff in VC6. Since none of the later compilers will export a VC6 format C++ project from their own format projects but they will upgrade a VC6 project to their own version; and since I haven't bothered to write a downgrade conversion tool, I'm stuck using VC6 more than I'd like to. If VS2005 could export VC6, VS2002 and VS2003 then I'd switch everything to it straight away and create the "old" projects as and when I'm required to. As it is I either have to maintain multiple project files or stay with the lowest common denominator with regards to what my clients require.

I expect I'll stick to using std::string. It's not broken. I tend to try to be pragmatic, if I'm working entirely within ATL or MFC then I may use their string and collection classes, otherwise I tend to stick with the stuff that's used by 90% of my other code.

The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked (or something like that ;) )

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