Just saw a mini review of Rootkits: Subverting the Windows Kernel over on Ted Neward's blog. Looks like the perfect follow up to Undocumented Windows 2000 Secrets as I continue my slow progress towards being able to write Windows device drivers... From the sound of Ted's review it's written in a similar way to the Undocumented secrets book; showing you how to write drivers which aren't for real hardware... Anyway, I popped over to Amazon and it was being recommended on the front page for me due to my past purchases. It's now ordered, more once it arrives.


I am a person living in some country of Asia. I want to buy a book from *you* named "Clouds to Code" about which a review was present in your site

Do you still posses this book ? If yes, then can you sell it to me ? If yes, then I will definitely first make you payment. How should i pay you.

If no, then can you suggest me any such book ? Ofcourse this book is little ole and the review section of your site is also old.

Actually this is an out-of-print book now. And such books are only posted by Amazon in UK and USA. I also checked eBay anf Branes&Noble, they also send old copies only to US and UK ?

I do still have the book but it isn't for sale. I tend to keep my old books forever...

Maybe try Computer Books Online? They may be able to ship to you and they seem to have the book.

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