iTech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

VirtualKeyboard.jpgI recently purchased an iTech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard for use with Michelle's PDA. It's basically a little box that's about the size of two packets of chewing gum with a red window in the top. It projects a keyboard onto a flat surface and detects when you press the keys. It's one of those devices that looks too cool to work, but it does, kinda... Unfortunately there were driver problems with the iPaq 4150 that meant that it would work for around 20 keypresses and then stop, reset itself, reconnect and then start working again... At first I thought that it was a problem with the keyboard but it worked fine with my laptop (though that's hardly the point!). So, I took some pictures, and returned it...


Do need to do alot of typing on your kitchen stools then? :)

No, it was just where the photo worked best :)

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