Online autism "test"


I scored a 28, which is "above average", so considerably nearer to Asperger's than it is considered to be "normal". Which, to be honest, seems about right to me. If nothing else, it might make you think...

Via Steve Pavlina's personal development blog.


I got 9. What's the opposite of autistic?

I scored 39.

As a child, I cried continually for my first year, used to rock back and forth for hours, and regularly bang my head against the wall. Didn't walk or talk until I was nearly 3, and an education psychologist told my parents that I would probably never be able to hold down a proper job. By the age of 7, my teachers had given up on trying to teach me how to read - but then my Dad taught me in just 2 intensive weeks.

It took many years, but I'm now able to function quite well in social situations, even though they can be emotionally draining for me.

The upside is that given a subject that interests me, I can be quite obsessive in becoming adept at that subject. With computers, that obsession can pay off rather well :-)

i would like to test

Then follow the link to Steve's blog, the test is linked to from there.

I got 42 for this autism test, and 42 for a different autism test.

how do you get on to autism tests

I was scored 42.

I got 40.. someone had already suggested the possibility of autism. I get by in ever day life with some support so it's nothing to worry about

I scored 45. I am also on disability and throughout the years have been diagnosed as psychopath/borderline sociopath, schizophrenic, schizo-affective, bi-polar, major depressive, you name it :) For some time I told my p'doctors I thought I may have some sort of autism but can never seem to stay in one place long enough to explore it with them.

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