The best toys always come with an SDK, 2


I finally got around to upgrading my mobile phone from an aging Sony Ericsson T68i to a more current (though still hardly bleeding edge) Motorola Razr V3. I'm not interested in the downloadable java games but the fact that you can get a J2ME SDK for it and that the docs seem to imply that you can access the GPRS network using SSL and that you can also access the serial port makes it interesting... Now I just need a hack to be able to somehow connect the Garmin GPS to the V3 and some code to grab the location from the GPS and send it off to a web service somewhere and some duct tape to make it one device...

So many toys with SDKs, so little time! I need a clone to work on some of my 'fun' projects, or maybe the clone should do the investment banking, I guess it needs to be a "collective mind", Borg type clone, and then it wouldn't matter ;) Polyphasic sleep is looking more and more like the only way to stay on top of all the stuff I want to do.

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