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Back from Megève

I've been skiing for the last couple of weeks and now I'm back in London; normal service will resume soon.…

Sounds like a real nice way to work

Noel Llopis, over at Games From Within, has written a nice piece about a typical workday at his work place, High Moon Studios. It certainly sounds like a nice way of working. Unfortunately I haven't been involved in quite that agile a team yet.…

Good stuff

Once again I have a list of items flagged for comment in Bloglines but at least this time I have an excuse: "We were on a break!". First is a link from Brad Wilson to where Bruce Eckel writes about how the "Hyper enthusiasts" of the Java world have moved on to Ruby. Bruce makes some good points. Personally I'd be pretty happy if all persuasuion of "hyper enthusiast" were to vanish overnight, IMHO they just get in the way, distort the picture and encourage bad decisions...…

New kind of spam?

Recently I've been getting lots of emails from people who seem to think that my company, JetByte Limited, is currently recruiting. We're not now and are unlikely to be in the near future, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't send speculative emails. In the past I've always responded to each of the applicants, explained that we're not recruiting, and sometimes even made suggestions on how they might improve their approach and/or resume/cv. Recently I've had to stop doing this as I've been getting more and more unsolicited resumes for more and more wacky and way out positions that do not…

More on the socket server VS2005 "leaks"

A while ago I reported that I'd been seeing very strange memory usage patterns in the debug build of the simple echo server when built with Visual Studio 2005 using the standard version of STL that ships with it. The thing that interests me most about this leak is that it seems to be more of a 'strange allocation strategy' rather than a leak as I was previously able to get the memory usage to grow to a large amount and then suddenly it dropped back to something reasonable and then started to grow again. The other interesting thing is…

VS2005 STL strstream and stringstream leaks

Well, it turns out that my initial gut instinct about the leaks that I found in my socket servers when built with VS 2005 was correct. It was an STL thing.…

Latest release of socket server code

The latest release of the free version of my asynchronous, windows, IOCP based, socket server framework can now be obtained from here at ServerFramework.com. The latest release is really just a bug fix and compiler compatability release. The code now supports Visual Studio 2005 (as well as VC6, Visual Studio .Net (2002) and Visual Studio 2003). I've fixed the memory leak bugs that were present in the ThreadPoolLargePacketEchoServer sample and worked around the iostream leak that's present in the Visual Studio 2005 version of STL. I've also included a set of build configurations for the basic echo server that builds…
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