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Jeremy D. Miller talks about how he dislikes the "I" prefix on interface names and how he'd prefer to ditch it in the same way he's ditched most other hungarian notation. I'm all for ditching hungarian but I actually quite like the "I" prefix; though I no longer read it as "this is an interface" but simply "this is what I do". In other words my interfaces, called things like IManageUsers simply clearly state what they do, classes that implement the interface manage users; the class definition is saying "I Manage Users"! To this end I usually find that my…
A few weeks ago I wrote about hijacking threads. The principle was good, the code worked but the reason I needed it was flawed so the exercise was a failure. I assumed that it was likely to be a failure when I set out though, so it's more a confirmation that I need to do things properly rather than hackily... The idea was the try and outsmart the Windows program loader. My API hooking tools currently hook the target process when it gets to a point where it has started up but no 'user' code has run. Well, that's not…

Mock32, parameterize from below

It's funny how potential product ideas beget other potential product ideas and the thing that you eventually end up with as a product for sale is often far from the original product idea and the code that you started to write... I'm not even there yet and I'm on my third wave of product idea focus. Right now I'm working towards getting some developer tools out there to help people write better systems. This is the API hooking stuff that I've blathered on about in the past. The original product idea that started it all was a niche market testing…
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