No, this recent activity doesn't mean that normal service is about to resume


I just realised that I hadn't posted to here in two months. As I said a while back, my head is not really in the right space for me to be as effective, or interested, in my technical stuff at present. I'm finding it very hard to get into "The Zone" and do any decent coding in the evenings; though have had the potential to have had so much time alone to do so.

Recently things have been a bit better but I've been "keeping busy" with lots of non technical activities; see my ski, skate and climb blog for details. The result has been that I've been out most evenings and not really focusing on writing about the technical stuff that's been going on. Luckilly I can now get in "The Zone" if I have a bit of a deadline to meet, so my client work is going OK...

I'm off to Argentina to train to be a ski instructor at the end of the month and wont be back until mid October. I probably won't have much time to blog here before I go as I have client work to complete and lots of things to prepare. Hopefully, by the time I get back my head will be in a better place and my technical work can resume; well, that is unless I decide to do another season in the Alps...


Hi Len,

FWIW, I missed you :-)

I think yours is one of the most solid quality, well-written technical blogs in the Win32/C++ sphere.

Have a good time in Argentina!

- Kim

Thanks for the compliment Kim, much appreciated.

I'm sure Argentina is going to be lots of fun and I'm also pretty sure that 2 months away from the compiler will leave me keen to dive back into the technical stuff.

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