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Back in the UK

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Normal service is about to resume... I arrived back in the UK yesterday evening after lots of good skiing in France and Switzerland. Conditions in France could have been better (it's still best to hire skis or use your rock skis - in Avoriaz at least!) but that only served to make us realise how good the conditions had been in Switzerland. I now have a couple of weeks to get some work done and let my legs rest before 3 weeks in Jackson Hole... Currently trying to get my head around the idea of the "interesting" entrance to Corbets…
I've just fixed a problem in The Server Framework that was reported to me by one of my clients. There's a race condition during connection establishment which can be demonstrated by a client that connects and then terminates the connection very quickly. The bug could be said to be in the example servers rather than the framework itself but it can be fixed by a change to the framework... In the non AcceptEx() version of the TCP server code, during connection establishment OnConnectionEstablished() is called from the code that processes a successful Accept(). In most of the example servers this virtual function…
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