A computer magazine that makes me feel like I used to about programming...

I grabbed a couple of copies of "The NT Insider" from my 'not quite got around to reading' rack today and read them on the train on the way in to London. These are the quite short, bi-monthly, driver developer and kernel programmer magazine from OSR. It's free to subscribe and the content reminds me of the thrill that I used to get from reading computer mags back in the late 80s... I guess it's possibly the fact that lots of it is slightly alien to me, there's a certain excitement in knowing that there's so much to learn and being able to follow half understood threads in one article to other articles and deeper understanding... Plus this stuff is hard, and complex, and a bit scary, and nobody is appologising for it... Anyway, sure takes me back...


Count yourself lucky, I didn't even own a computer until that golden decade was long past :)

I still have my ZX81... Unfortunately I sold the ZX80 to a cousin.

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